Neither Published Nor In Progress

Introductory Remarks,” Author Meets Critics: Freedom, Resentment, and the Metaphysics of Morals, Central Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, February 23, 2021.

Strawson’s Descriptive Metaphysics of Morals and some upshots
This is a kind of précis of Freedom, Resentment, and the Metaphysics of Morals, prepared for the occasion of T. M. Scanlon’s retirement from teaching in April of 2016. Rather than argue for the interpretation of Strawson presented in the book, this short document simple states the view attributed to Strawson and then defends it against objections.

Comments on Phillip Pettit’s The Birth of Ethics
These comments were presented, over two days, in response to the two Tanner Lectures given by Phillip Pettit at the University of California, Berkeley in April of 2015.

The following two informal, ten-minute presentations, given in 2011–12 and posted here as .pdf documents, were meant to prompt discussion in a general academic audience:

Belief and the Will

Free Will and Society

Research Overview,” September 2010
In this document I survey my work-to-date (i.e., to September of 2010) and relate it to the larger themes that have been animating it.

Internal Reasons and the Integrity of Blame” (occasionally cited)
Written around 1992 and subject to its final revision around 1997, this paper argues that the view of blame put forward by Bernard Williams in his “Internal Reasons and the Obscurity of Blame” not only is inadequate as an account of blame, but it also opens Williams to the kind of “integrity objection” that he sometimes levies against others.